lambda fairy

New website: Why?

I launched my new website this week. It’s simpler, nicer to work on, and—in the words of smlt—“hot”.

But my original website had served me for a long time; and to be honest, it still holds up today. Why rewrite it?

Technical reasons

When I built my website in 2013, I used the best tools that I knew of at the time.

But these value propositions don’t really hold today.

Design reasons

But what really got me was the visual design.

First, the color scheme. I love purple as much as I did back then, but I’m more picky now. The reddish hue felt too bloody, too puce. I hate puce.2

It was too minimal. When skeuomorphism was all the rage, that restraint was a breath of fresh air. But today, everyone is the same, Lighthouse-optimized, flat color drop shadow neo-grotesque box. Apple went from Garamond to Myriad to Helvetica. Monochrome just isn’t cool anymore.

But most importantly, that design doesn’t represent the person I am now. The 2021 me is quiet confidence. Daisy chains and amethyst rings. They’re never in the spotlight, but everyone knows who they are. The scent of lavender fills the room.

A field of lavender.

In my next post, I’ll talk about the features of this new site.

  1. Before you suggest a cache: I update this blog so infrequently that by the time I get to use a cached build, it would be out of date.

  2. Who names a color after flea vomit? Seriously.