lambda fairy


This is the personal website of Chris Wong, a person who likes to create things.


I build and maintain software for a living. My strengths are in attention to detail; a precise, systematic approach; and communication (both spoken and written).

More details are on my CV.


I like to write for the SCP Foundation, a collaborative fiction site about a paranormal research organization of the same name.

My two stories, Coordinated Universal Time and Irrational Exuberance, talk about technology and its role in society.


I also like to compose music, mostly in a modern classical style. My influences include Béla Bartók and Charles Ives, avant-garde composers who straddled the line between transcendent and grotesque.

I have one piece I’m proud of: Party cannon, a little piece about an equally little pony. I hope to have more some day.

What is a lambda fairy?

A lambda fairy is a creature of software development folklore. It wanders the streets of Silicon Valley, hoping to catch a poor engineer facing a deadline they can’t make.

The fae will present an offer: the work will be done by morning—for a price.

Chris is not a lambda fairy.